Pack it Up and Ride – Getting Ready for a Long Motorcycle Trip

One of the real joys of having a motorcycle is that you can enjoy lengthy trips on the road like you never have before. You can take your time exploring different roads and areas and see the scenery and surroundings in a way that just cannot be done from a car. That is why so many bike riders look forward to the opportunity to go on a really long motorcycle trip. When you decide that you want to take an extended bike trip like this, there are some things you are going to want to make sure you do and pack so that you are completely prepared for what the road brings you. Here are a few tips and insights that can help you prepare for a longer motorcycle trip.

Two Up

  • Map it Out – As fun as it can be for you to just go out and ride and let the road take you wherever you want to go, if you are going on any type of extended trip it is always a good idea to have some type of plan as to where you are going. You can investigate different routes that you might want to take to get to your destinations. Many experienced bikers are happy to supply maps and routes that they have taken to the places you want to go online so you can see just which way to take and what you can see along the way.
  • Be Ready for Repairs – As much as you may not want to think about anything going wrong during your trip, you always want to be prepared in case you have to make any repairs while you are out on the road. Having a tire patch kit with you is always a good idea so you can least patch a repair together until you get to a motorcycle shop to help you. Take along a set of wrenches and a good quality multi-tool as well so you can do almost everything, and be sure to have some electrical tape, a flashlight and maybe some extra fuses and light bulbs.
  • Gear – Depending on how you are planning on traveling and for how long can determine the gear you bring. At the very least you always need all of your protective gear with you, but you may also want to make sure you have sunglasses, sun block, a cell phone and charger and a rain set to protect you if the weather turns. You might also want some camping gear and toiletries, and try not to forget your wallet.

Have Bike Will Travel

It never hurts to make yourself a checklist before you travel like this so you can be sure you have everything you want or need to have for your trip. Being ready and packing everything up securely will help to make whatever type of trip you are taking all the more enjoyable for you and each time you go you may learn more about what you really need to have with you for your travels.

Ania ToduaI’d like to welcome Ania Todua as a guest author on Explore the Dirt.  Ania works with Motorcycle House in Walnut, CA and is also an avid rider.  Follow her on Twitter @ania_todua or on Facebook