Here we go…


I’m Mark Ferguson, a software startup entrepreneur for over 20 years and an outdoor adventurer living in Boulder, Colorado.  When not in front of a computer, I like to play in the dirt.

My affinity for dirt started early.  I got a little yellow Kawasaki KE100 at 13 and rode it through the streets and woods of East Tennessee.  No license and negligible safety gear was my trademark style.  At 16, I came to the realization that I might not make it if I continued riding on the street.  I gave up the motorcycle, went off to college, got married, had kids, and lived in a cubicle farm.  So much for being Wild at Heart.

My motorcycle gene reasserted itself in 2009, 25 years after hanging up my helmet.  I went legit this time around, though.  I got my motorcycle license, the best safety gear I could find, and hit the trails of Colorado.   First it was on a friend’s WR400 and later a KTM 530EXC.  In 2014 I joined the coaching staff of RawHyde Adventures.  Weekends in the summer are now filled with teaching others how to ride big adventure bikes, like the BMW R1200GS, in the dirt while also exploring Colorado.

My blog, Explore The Dirt, is about adventuring motorcycling, the gear I’ve discovered, the places I’ve gone (or planning to go to), and the feelings I experience along the way.  Nearing the half century mark I have some things I want to share.  I thrive on camaraderie, exploration, and helping others.  In fact, if you have ever heard of MCORE, these are my primary motivations.  I get pumped, energized, and am happiest when I can get a little of these in my life each day. If I am already learning and exploring, why not share this experience with others?  I hope that the entries made here will be a conversation starter and create a host of opportunities to build great relationships.  I appreciate you coming along.

Kickstands up.  Let’s hit the dirt.